superpagesDirector managing three divisions and tasked with increasing unique visitors and leads to our local business advertisers by managing website code, links, SEM platforms, SEO, Social Media, tracking and analytics, content creation and sales campaign integration. Responsibilities also include analysis, recommendations and strategic marketing plans for all online business acquisitions. Created $1 Billion Internet Vision that included two new internet products launched in May 2010 coupled with several acquisition candidates.

Properties include,,,, and Maintained all previous responsibilities including sales.
Increased SEO Unique Visitors from 6.7 million to 12.8 million total in 6 months.
Acquired ECL in March 2009, and have lead online efforts to achieve top 10 Auto Vertical site in nine months. Expect to be in top 4 by end of 2010. Traffic supported 50% revenue increases.
Increased revenue by traffic source from $XX million to $XX million (60% Increase).
Contributed to a $XX million cost reduction in Traffic Acquisition Cost.

I would also like to mention, many of the Internet team I worked with or managed are still at Superpages (Dex Media) and they are a talented and skilled group. As a small business you would do well to look into joining there Business Directory. It’s not just traffic that counts, but converting traffic and this group will deliver.

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