increase-revenue-seo-servicesAny true online business, be it a local business or a larger eCommerce business or even an affiliate marketer needs to keep SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as part of their overall marketing strategy. Without a focused effort combined with a detailed and defined metric for revenue and return on investment, your chances of survival are slim.

There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet about SEO and the impacts it can have on your business. The basics of SEO and rankings can be summed up in three main categories:

  1. User Engagement
  2. On-Page Code Structure
  3. Links

SEO Services Benefits

User Engagement – You read that right. Does the content on the page actually help the reader solve their specific question? Is is fun and attention grabbing? Google is a leader at matching user queries (the searcher) to web pages that have focused information around the query (the landing page). To do this it uses hundreds of signals from both the site and web page code to links and social signals including how users interact with your site.

On-Page Code Structure – This is a large part of my initial review, and probably the least discussed part of SEO – mainly because it is more the technical side of code and servers. You can have the most engaging content on the web, but if search engines cannot decipher what the page is about, you stand very little chance of ranking.

You see, search engines would have you believe that a human reviews each page and decides where to rank them. I believe this may be the truth with a handful of very powerful keywords, but for the other trillion searches it is impractical. So all search engines use a “spider” or “web crawler” to index pages from your website. The thought is this spider is to index the content of the page so the search engines know what the page is about. Now, if you have ever looked at the code of a page you will find that most web pages are 60-70% code and only 30-40% content. So the spider also indexes and stores code type, components, and structure to determine what the content is about, what the site is about, and the intent of the web site owner. This is a large part of our on-page SEO service.

Links – The easiest and hardest part of SEO. Most people who have every researched SEO or know anything about online marketing know “links”, specifically “backlinks” are a MAJOR ranking factor. Early in Google’s launch, just a few good backlinks with some decent on page SEO code could have your ranking in no time. The number and power of those backlinks use to be displayed as “PageRank” by Google. Of course, as the system was abused by spammer and scammers, search engines have had to implement many layers of filters to determine the validity and worth of a backlink. I also don’t focus on “PageRank” anymore. You could be a PR 6 (powerful) and not rank, or a PR NA and rank just fine.

My SEO services include manual link building, and on our first call I will discuss some strategies that should work with your particular business. This is a large focus after the initial on-page SEO structure has been addressed.

Even one year ago a very common strategy for online marketers was just to submit the web site to 100’s of online directories. This strategy doesn’t work anymore and could do more harm than good.

This is also why User Engagement is so critical. The more users like, reference, comment, link and discuss your content through social media and the internet, the easier it is to rank and drive traffic.

Technical Reasons For SEO Services

Here is the primary SEO Ranking Factors as I see them. I do not work at the search engines, so I do not know the exact algorithm for ranking a site. I do know, through 10 years of constant testing and research, these are the primary factors involved in the ranking algorithm. I don’t mind giving these to you as there are many subsets of indicators (good – bad) that impact each of these. Currently, I have over 30 test sites up where I simply impact one of these ranking factors and document what happens.

Type Factor Weight
Off Page Number of Backlinks 13.09%
Off Page % Backlinks rel=nofollow 9.82%
Off Page URL of Backlink 6.54%
Off Page % Backlinks With Keyword 6.54%
Content Internal Links 5.89%
Off Page % Back Links Different IP 4.84%
Social Google +1 4.45%
Social Facebook Shares 3.93%
Social Facebook Total 3.93%
On Page Keyword In Domain 3.93%
Social Facebook Comments 3.53%
Social Facebook Likes 3.53%
Social Pinterest 2.62%
Social Tweets 2.62%
Off Page Anchor Text Non Keyword 2.36%
On Page URL Length 2.09%
On Page Anchor Text Word Count 1.83%
On Page On Page Code Structure 1.70%
Content On Page Title 1.44%
On Page On Page Text 1.44%
On Page Topic / Keyword 1.44%
On Page Anchor Text External – Topic 1.44%
On Page Text Character Length 1.44%
On Page Inter Link is Self referential 1.44%
On Page Anchor Text Internal – Topic 1.44%
On Page Number of External Links 1.18%
On Page Image Count – Topic – Link 1.05%
On Page Url is No subdomain 0.92%
Content Description 0.79%
Content H2 and Other Tags 0.65%
On Page Sitespeed 0.52%
Content H1 Title Tag 0.39%
Content Video 0.39%
Content Keyword in H2 0.39%
Content Keyword in Description 0.26%
On Page Keyword in URL 0.13%
On Page Adsense -1.02%
On Page Hidden Text – Detected -5.10%
Off Page IP Block Spam Sites -7.14%
Off Page % Back links Same URL -9.18%
On Page Affiliate Links -11.22%
Off Page % Backlinks Same IP -15.31%
Off Page Paid Links – If Detected -20.41%
On Page Paid Links – If Detected -30.61%

SEO Services Value

My SEO efforts for drove hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising revenue. For it drove multiple millions in lead generation, as it did with

Many of the large corporate sites that I have SEO optimized have generated millions in revenue on a few hundred thousand dollars of investment.

But what about small sites? Local business or smaller eCommerce sites?

I have built and optimized several new business sites that all ranked 1-3 for middle tail and primary keywords in less than 90 days. My personal SEO efforts for my own eCommerce and subscription sites have lead to $40,000 plus a month returns. I take my SEO services very seriously.

As a true online marketer and SEO professional, I will not just look to get you #1 rankings for a keyword. This is important, but the approach I take is to maximize ROI – literally, how many dollars of increased revenue do you get based on my cost.

As a true SEO professional, I cannot:

  • guarantee you #1 results in Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  • show instant results (typically).
  • offer to buy or sell paid links.
  • or even guarantee results.

Until I have researched your website, analyzed a few hundred factors, I have no idea as to what you need or what it is going to take for you to achieve it. Plus, I will not break Google’s terms and conditions if it will put my business, or your business, at risk. I do have a side network where I push the envelope on what will and will not work for my SEO services. And this knowledge will be used to increase your rankings and increase your revenues.

Here is what I will do, I will analyze your site, do a complete review including your strengths and weaknesses, on page code factors and site structure plus competitive analysis. I will then tell you exactly what needs to be done, and I will tell you how much I am able to do for $499 per month. This will include quarterly reviews, manual link building, competitive analysis, and everything else you would get from an agency.

If you have a larger project than what I think $499 per month will work for, then we can discuss the fee based on your time tables for achievement.

After you purchase, I will schedule a time to review with you and/or your web development team on what needs to happen. This meeting will especially focus on your SEO on page code structure and architecture.

This is a subscription service, you may cancel anytime. When you do, I will send you what information I have and let you know where we are in the process.

I have extremely limited time, so I only take a few clients. If you decide to use my service, please stay with me for at least 90 days. It takes a little time for me to show you what I can do in the Search world.

If you are a larger corporation or owner who is interested in a more full-time online marketing strategy and SEO service, please contact me. My schedule is usually busy, but I am always interested in more opportunities.

If you do sign up, your project will begin within 24 hours, and I will contact you within 48 hours.

I am only accepting a few more clients. Below you will see a snap shot of what my peers and customers have thought. You can review this in more detail at Brian D Gulledge LinkedIn.

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